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Aerial Photography: Follow the Great Tips for Mind-Blowing Photography

Aerial photography has more than a novelty factor. Movie production houses have been using aerial photography since decades, shooting from aircrafts and helicopters to capture impressive looks in the footage. Drone photography these days has made it cheaper and has brought it within the reach of many photographers, both professional and amateurs. However, drone aerial photography is not as simple as it seems. Here are some tips for you to get started on the path to taking great aerial photographs.

Drone Photography SingaporePractice with the drone

If your ambition is to become one of the best aerial photographs in Singapore you buy a state of art drone and a camera like GoPro. The next step is to obtain an operator permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore that will let you operate the drone without fear of legal repercussions.  Start practising. Even before you start aerial photography you must become familiar with the drone’s remote control and learn to operate the drone. This will take hours of practice. Write down all possible case scenarios, the heights at which to fly and maneuvering the drone so much so that it becomes second nature and an instinct. Practice will teach you how to avoid obstacles and prevent the drone from crashing into trees, buildings or people.

Practice aerial photography

Aerial photography with the drone and its camera that has its own lens, shutter speed and aperture limitations means one must first understand the camera and its capabilities. This done, fly the drone and control the camera, taking lots of footage. You will learn that flying at a great height is not such a good idea. Flying too close to buildings or people, likewise, poses a threat should the drone lose power or develop a fault. The speed of the drone and video footage capture influence the final look. The angle of approach also matters. If you are photographing people, the right above overhead look is great to give an overall view but if you wish to capture faces then the drone must fly at a lower height with the right angle of approach. At the same time, one must compose the image, whether it is for stills or video, to ensure subjects occupy a larger part of the frame.

Time of the day

Clients may organize events according to their convenience so the aerial photographer does not have much choice in picking the time of the day. Evenings and mornings are best when the sun is at a lower angle but this is not always possible so one must learn to set camera to handle high contrast in case of midday shooting and adopt other techniques.

Hire an expert for important events

Normal photographers or videographers in Singapore may be tempted to try drone aerial photography but the results, without experience and expertise, will be disastrous. It is best to hire Singapore aerial photography services with their team of drone specialists to get perfection in results. After all, a client pays and expects the best. Affordable rates mean normal video/photographers can still make a profit.

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