Aerial Photography

How to Aerial Photography is best way Advertising for Real Estate Properties

Aerial photography is the latest marketing tool in the real estate business and is fast gaining in popularity. Earlier this type of visuals for marketing was reserved mainly for high-end properties but increasingly they are finding takers in the mid-segment category as well.

A search online for Aerial Photography Hire Services‎ will throw up some options that one can choose from. Market savvy professional are picking up this trend and showcasing their properties by stunning aerial visuals.

There are number of Aerial Photography Hire Services‎ available in many countries, like the US, UK, Singapore, Australia and so on. But before hiring their services for advertisement photography for real estate it is essential to look at laws governing the process in that country. For instance the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) of the US has given permission only from this year. Australia too has regulation in place for such activities.

The advantages of aerial photography are amazing and incorporating high definition aerial footage into marketing videos of a property for sale can do wonders for the saleability factor. Remote controlled small and lightweight unmanned quadcopters (a helicopter with four rotors), called drones, equipped with cameras are being used for the operation. Aerial photography by Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are giving a distinct edge to the properties put up for sale by providing sweeping images of the property and its surroundings. The drones can deliver both stills and videos.

Aerial photographs capture aspects of a property that cannot be seen from the ground. The trajectory of the camera can be changed by the controller on ground with the remote device, to enable breath-taking views of the surroundings and the overall look of the property. So for instance panoramic views of a property nestled in lush greenery, or situated close to the blue –green waters of the sea front, or perhaps the beautiful mountainsides can be extremely compelling. The shots are close enough to capture the exterior façade and layout of a building in detail and can go higher up to give an expansive view of the areas surrounding the property. One aerial shot of a few minutes can do much more than a hundred different shots from the ground and can capture the grandeur of a home in a way that no ground shots can ever do. It gives a better perspective of the property and in fact once the prospective buyer gets great visuals of the exterior and the beauty of the surrounding areas, he is more positively inclined for a transition to the interior via a walk through video or still photographs.

When hiring the services Aerial Photography you need to check out a few factors:

  • Flight time capacity
  • Back up equipment of more than one camera to cover equipment failure, in case it happens
  • Experience of the operator should be checked by seeing footage of their works and also experience in the relevant field of real estate.
  • Check for required certification and permission from concerned legal authorities as most countries require certification for aerial filming for commercial activities.
  • Check for environmental clearance, especially if filming near to airports, power lines etc.

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