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Singapore Aerial Photography: the Ideal Way to Stay Ahead of Crowd

What is common to weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, birthdays, company promotions and festivals is photography. Photography may comprise of stills or video or both. Singapore is a happening place and people do celebrate events with gusto with a photographer being an important part of the celebration.

Photography or video, even if done with the best types of equipment in the hands of experts stills has the same look. This is because of perspective. Perspective matters in photography. Top professionals try to get the best perspective in order to capture outstanding stills or movies. However, there is a limitation. Photographers and videographers are earthbound and there is only so much one can do to alter camera angles. Getting a bird’s eye view of the proceedings is certainly not possible with traditional stills and video cameras. This is where drone photography has emerged as a force to reckon with. The perspective is just so different and novel that the video or stills stand out. Singapore aerial photography excels in drone photo video operations. It is licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to operate drones. What this means is that we can operate in any location within Singapore and footage can be used for any purpose without any issues being raised by the authorities.

Singapore Aerial Photography

Drone photography may appear simple. However, it is complex. The camera operator has to control the drone and keep it at the appropriate height as well as prevent it from crashing it into the crowd or into buildings. At the same time, he has to operate the camera to capture images that stand out from the crowd. It takes a lot of practice and skills to operate a drone. It is not something that one can get right from day one. Singapore Aerial Photography services employ specialists to operate drones and they are licensed as well as certified to handle drones. It is not just the mechanical aspect. There is perfection in grabbing the right images from the right angle and height that make the whole footage appear so different and stand out from the usual photography done from the ground.

Large movie productions regularly use high end equipments like cranes and drones to capture a bird’s eye view. This can be right from the overhead perspective or from a slight angle, which presents a unique composition. Just as they employ specialists, regular photographers and videographers who do not have drones, the special skills or the licence to operate drones can call in specialists in drone photography and make their work impressively stand out. Individuals and corporates that celebrate events can call in regular photo-videographers in Singapore or aerial photographers and, in the latter case, get breathtaking sequences that add another cinematic dimension to the movie and album.

The entire footage does not have to be captured by drones. Land based photo and video take up most part of the footage but it is the few vital seconds of clips taken from an aerial perspective that make all the difference to the final production.

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