The Benefits of Aerial Photos with Drones for Business

Since its inception as far back as the early part of the 19th century, photography has mostly been from a land view. If aerial photography did take place it was from scientific perspectives and in movies. The advent of drones and compact high res cameras changed it all and aerial drone photography is growing in popularity, especially for businesses that find it a convenient way to develop impressive presentations.

Drone Photography Singapore

Drone photography proliferated and brought problems in its wake such as drones crashing and causing accidents and damages to property. This led to regulation of the drone photography business in Singapore. Drone photography Singapore is subject to approval and licensing by the Civil Aviation authority of Singapore. Only those photographers with an operator permit from CAAS can conduct aerial photography business in Singapore. Why is this necessary for businesses?

Consider a case where a business hires a photographer for aerial drone photography. If the photographer is unlicensed he runs into all sorts of trouble. Worse, the company hiring him is also implicated because they are breaking the law and are subject to fines. Should an accident take place then there are more liabilities for both. Such unlicensed photographers may also be unaware of the way to fly drones, the minimum height requirements and laws of privacy not to speak of regulations. Licensed aerial drone photographers, on the other hand, know how to handle the drone safely, the height at which it should be flows and applicable rules besides being fully insured. Businesses that hire licensed drone operators benefit in that they know they are protected against any legal liability.

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That is the liability part of aerial drone photography for business. Businesses benefit by aerial photography using drones because of the unique and phenomenally outstanding look to images. Whether it is video or stills, professionals bring their knowledge and training as well as artistic talent to the art of aerial photography. The result is impressive and unique.

Real estate, for example, can present stills or videos that show the entire layout of the land from a bird’s eye view and then zoom in from various levels to give complete information that is not possible with standard land-based photography. In construction business too, drone photography can be a perfect and less dangerous way to view progress, assess hazards and implement safety measures besides using the photographs and videos for promotional purposes. Tourism is another business that benefits by being able to give close up shots or bird’s eye view shots of destinations. Corporate events take on added glitz when the proceedings are recorded from the air.

Singapore Aerial Photography

Drone videos and stills have a unique perspective and high impact that help businesses establish their brand image. It also costs less. It would be next to impossible to capture the same images using cranes besides being terribly expensive if one thinks of hiring a helicopter.

Singapore Aerial Photography with drone assures full compliance with laws in Singapore while delivering professional results that add to brand image with maximum impact in the photos.

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