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The Best Aerial Videography Services for Corporate Companies and Corporate Events in Singapore

Anyone with a camera, a handycam and a drone can capture footage but corporate and event photography is another matter, especially when it comes to business branding in Singapore. It must be done by experts with the right equipments and with expertise as well as experience of handling such events in a professional manner.

Singapore Aerial Photography

Videography using traditional handycams or digital SLRs can produce footage with a sameness to the perspective, even if it is excellent. Singapore aerial video services redefine perspectives on corporate events with the use of aerial drone photography equipments skillfully handled by experienced experts to capture footage that wows. Singapore aerial photography is licensed by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore as licensed drone operators and we are fully authorized to shoot footage with drones. Corporate clients can use this footage in their branding and promotions without fear of legal issues arising in the process.

The legal aspect is just one important side to live corporate video coverage of events like meetings, seminars and trade fairs. Experts and fully equipped, Singapore Aerial photography offer the complete suite of services. Drones capture aerial footage that is shown live on large screens and, at the same time, it is streamed over the web with the secure password to enable people in other locations to access the event. Screenshots can be captured and printed on the spot. Even as the event progresses, one of the technicians works on capturing the live feed and preparing video montage of event highlights that is made available immediately on conclusion of the event and also hosted on private servers. When it comes to the technical aspect, Singapore Aerial Photography is simply unrivalled.


More important is the way video is captured to present the company in the best light and project the right brand image. It calls for experience. However, the experience is not the only thing that goes into the making of videos with impact. There is creativity too. Video operators using drones must have innate creative talent because videography is both art and science blended together to capture key moments that leave behind the lasting impact.

Events need to be captured as they unfold. There are no second attempts. Seasoned Singapore Aerial Photography experts place themselves in the right position and maneuver drones skillfully to capture important happening events. Today’s corporate video is not a one man operation. An entire team works on the production that is orchestrated with precision to deliver results that match high-level expectations of high-level corporate enterprises.


Not all clients are the same. Everyone has different needs. It is important for videography production units to have a detailed discussion on the video to be shot, scout the location for best drone positioning and angles and also take precautions for safety. Managing the production within a specified budget is also important for clients and for the videography company. All these come together in the best aerial photography services in Singapore. The best testimonial is that other professional video production units use them for aerial drone photography.

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