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The Requirements of Aerial Videography For Civil Engineers

Are you a civil engineer by profession? Then you must be familiar with the concept of photogrammetry. This technique makes use of photographs as the pivotal medium for measurement. Full-color 2D and 3D models of the topography can be produced expertly. The outputs so generated may be in the form of raw images, orthoimages or 3D point clouds are then interpreted. This technique has the capability of processing images and is especially useful in those cases which require visual assessment. The increasing use of orthophoto maps all across the globe is indicative of the growing importance of aerial photography.

Singapore Aerial Photography

Get a different outlook

A civil engineer is required to work with loads of data which have to be gathered from various sources. One of the essential ways such data can be obtained for numerous civil engineering projects is aerial photography. Singapore aerial videography can help you to get a unique point of view of the terrain that will be difficult for you to obtain by any other means.

  • Track the progress

You will discover that Singapore aerial videography helps in capturing videos where all details of the development of the construction site are covered.

  • Measure distance accurately

The surface of the earth can be accurately represented, and so these photographs are extremely helpful because they can be used for measuring exact distances.

  • Analysis of data

It is the work of a civil engineer to manage all the data gathered and efficiently analyze them.

View the progress

Irrespective of the nature of your civil engineering project be it a bridge, power plant or airbase these contemporary photographs can provide crucial information accurately. Such information is essential for determining the practicability of a potential project or for assessing the pace of advancement of an existing project.

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  • Know about the development

The aerial video helps in providing information about the development of a project to the contractor firm or sponsor. The company you have hired should make use of modern technology which will help in getting higher resolution maps so that it will maximize the value of your project.

  • A glance at the results

Most of the construction companies are not satisfied by just being informed verbally about the progress. These organizations are happy only when they can glance at the results, and this can be achieved with the assistance of aerial video.

  • Continuous monitoring

All kinds of civil engineering projects need monitoring on a constant basis. It is only the best quality photographs using drone technology which can help with the continuous inspections of these projects.


Select after a great deal of consideration

You should invest time while selecting a company providing aerial services. In the marketplace, you will come across various companies offering such services. You should conduct detailed research before finalizing your decision. Make a shortlist of some of the companies and check out their websites to know detailed information about them. Make sure that the company you choose is capable of providing specialized services which will be suitable for your civil engineering projects. Make a comparative cost analysis of some of these companies. Choose the one which provides cost-effective solutions.

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