Night Aerial Photography

Why We Should Choose Professional Aerial Photographer

In aerial photography as in any other field, you get what you pay for. Engaging professionals for aerial photography undoubtedly costs more but you get results that are breathtakingly superior to those delivered by amateurs.

Equipment matters

Drones, 4K cameras and control units are available ranging from simple to extremely sophisticated and expensive. Only professional photographers can afford truly high end equipments. Better drones means more flying time, better maneuverability and ease of use. Radio controls that work in conjunction with video cameras, transmitters and drones are extremely sophisticated and allow a range of movements that result in amazing footage that simple equipment just cannot capture. Advanced systems may have a first person view system working in conjunction with Google that gives the professional videographer the pilot’s point of view. On the one hand there are cheaper drones and GoPro Heros and on the other there are expensive Futaba controls and Phantom equipments. These are worlds apart.

Night Aerial Photography


Even the most sophisticated equipment is of little use unless handled by experienced, trained and expert videographers. It takes hours of using all these equipments to gain mastery and mastery in equipment use as well as creative insights are what contribute to making of impressive footage that rival Hollywood style aerial photography. The best aerial photography experts deliver results that are simply mind-boggling. Anyone can buy the most expensive equipment but operating them is another story. It is not just one operator; a team works on delivering the finest aerial photography content to create outstanding memories of an event. Professionals may use more than one drone.

Wedding Aerial Photography

One may have a video camera. Another may be equipped with high resolution still camera. Some photographers may even more than two cameras. The feeds may be coordinated into a single ground unit and handled by an expert. The possibilities are many in aerial photography and because an event happens only once, such as a wedding, it also takes a bit of planning, understanding of the venue, aerial obstructions and landmarks as well as local regulations that may apply to use of drones. Professionals take care of all these factors and the shoot proceeds smoothly.

Drones can be disruptive and may annoy guests and they must be operated at a safe distance while capturing the best images. This is another matter of which professionals are aware.

Customized plans

Professionals may work directly with clients that range from couples about to wed to real estate agents who wish to create videos or aerial photographs of the property or corporate organizations. In all cases, professionals create a custom script based on the event, expectations and budgets.

Amateurs simply do not have the equipments, the experience, the expertise or even the in-depth familiarity with situations or the knowledge to visualize a shoot and deliver results that impress. Professionals have all these going for them and more. They plan, they anticipate and even factor in the unexpected to be in full control of any event and situation at any time. Results are guaranteed.


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